Living Radically for Christ in Light of the Incarnation

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This is a paper I wrote for a systematic theology class I recently completed. I share this as a way of showing the connection between theology and practical application. Notice the necessity of living no-holds-bard, radically for Christ in light of Jesus’ incarnation. I hope you are blessed by this work.   GOD INCARNATE THAT […]

Grace Unplugged | In Theatres October 4th


Some years ago, some great friends of mine began a film company. You will no doubt hear from them quite a bit more in the future. Their 2nd feature film is being released October 4th into theaters around the US. I was able to attend a private screening of the event earlier this week. I […]

Theological Polarization and the Doctrine of Total Depravity

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As humans we have a tendency to polarize our lives. If it is not black then it must be white. I find this phenomena flows into biblical studies. As Christians, we want to obey God’s word and we want to know more of His plan, His will and His desires for us as His creation. […]

Do You Study in the Greek? Why Not?!

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Alright, no more excuses—‘But I don’t know Greek,’ ‘It’s all Greek to me,’ ‘I didn’t go to seminary,’ ‘I don’t need to know Greek to study the New Testament’—I’m not saying you cannot interpret the Word of God without knowing Greek (maybe you need to know Hebrew and Aramaic too :P), but it certainly can […]

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Exegesis

The question was recently posed to me: What is the nature of our readings of Scripture in relation to an affirmation of our yet limited and fallen minds (we must put on the mind of Christ), to our affirmation of the aiding of the Spirit and to our awareness of our place in the history […]

Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle—Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Thought I would share this with you guys.  I’m very proud of my wife, Jami’s, zeal to run our house to the glory of God. She really seeks to be the Proverbs 31 woman and to me she is “An excellent wife…far more precious than jewels” (Proverbs 31.10). The following is a project she has […]

How Are You Training Up Leaders?

For quite some time now, I have [tried to] operate under the philosophy that one ought to disciple others as if they were trying to replace themselves. Often I have said, I’m trying to work my way out of a job. As a youth pastor, this is an important position to take. If you want […]

A Youth Ministry with One Heart and One Soul

Acts 2.42-47; 4.32-37; 5.1-11 The earliest body of believers experienced a mass of conversion when Peter proclaimed the truth of Jesus as the Christ at the feast of Pentecost. Whether you take these 3000 new believers to be hyperbole—an argument for which I find insufficient evidence for—or not, there was certainly a notable growth that […]

HALBB Review

Hi Everyone, Sorry I have not been very regular with my blog for a while. I have recently started back to school to continue my theological education. I have also moved over the last couple months and am still getting settled. Anyway, a new review has posted regarding my book Hermeneutics Are Like Belly Buttons […]

Is it time to talk about relationships again?

I’m getting prepared to teach through the book of Acts. While I am prepping for a study (book outline, introductions, lots of prayer, etc.) I usually do something to lighten my weeks to give me time to study. In the past I have had guest speakers. For this study, I chose to do Q&A sessions […]