Homosexuals Can Be Saved

Homosexuality is a condition; gay and lesbian is a decision.

Father Benedict Groeschel, With Mind and Heart Renewed

John had never known a loving, stable family. When he was just five, his biological parents divorced, beginning a revolving door of different father figures, none of whom lasted. What he learned from these men was that they were something he didn’t want to be.

By the time he was eighteen, John’s mother and father were each on their third spouses, and he had learned that men “were unstable, they hurt you, and they put your mother down.”1 He spent his childhood as his mother’s caretaker, and as a result, he bonded and attached himself to her.

John grew up ashamed of himself and his male identity. As a young man, dressing himself up as “Candy,” he would masquerade as a female impersonator. This disguise was a cover-up for the inner hatred he had for himself and the misery he felt as a result. He was crying out for love, the love that only Christ could completely provide, but he had never heard. He said, “When I would come home from a bar with a partner I didn’t know, I would break down in tears…feel like a piece of meat….I was just a hollow shell….I was twenty-four but felt like eighty. I tried to take my life….I was tired and worn out….I didn’t want to die; I wanted to escape….I wanted someone to tell me that ‘I love you. There is something of value to you’”2

This tortured young man did not know at the time that God had a different plan for his life, a plan that would slowly be revealed through the quiet, consistent witness of a Christian couple.

John thought the couple was “quaint” when they visited him at the print shop he managed. Over a period of months, the couple’s Christ-like love started to break down the hardened exterior he had put up to suppress the pain he felt inside. Wherever he went, he seemed to run into this couple. He could not escape their kindness.

Through the witness of this couple, John finally came face-to-face with the unconditional love he had missed so much as a child: the love of Jesus Christ and God the Father. The young man would eventually accept Christ, but as part of the healing process and because of his fear of the organized church, the couple would provide him with a personal church service, complete with music, sermon, and morning offering. He would read the Bible and weep as the pain of twenty-four years of hurt slowly melted away and he poured himself into the words. For the first time he knew he had a Father who loved and cared for him in a way he had never experienced before.

John moved to Northern California to join a church that specifically ministered to others trying to escape the trap of homosexual behavior. It was there he met his future wife, Anne, who was seeking healing from her past of lesbian behavior. The two fell in love and in 1992 they were married. As the years went by, the Lord blessed them with three sons and a relationship that would be a witness to the world of what the love of Jesus Christ can do to heal a broken heart.

Who is this person? His name is John Paulk. We both know and love him and can attest that he is one of the warmest, gentlest, and most courageous individuals we have ever met. He has faced every sling and arrow that could be thrown at him, along with numerous temptations—and some human weakness—but has remained strong in the faith. We personally know only a few ex-homosexuals, but we know there are thousands of John and Anne Paulks throughout America who have heard and responded to the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. How many more are out there who need to learn of his saving grace?

Unfortunately, if many homosexual activists have their way, Christ’s message of redemptive love will be silenced and those who share it through the preaching of the uncensored words of Scripture will be punished. Thus, those who need to respond to the gospel will never have the opportunity to hear it. The effort of homosexual activists to convince Americans to tolerate (i.e., “affirm”) homosexual behavior* tramples religious freedom and leaves a trail of broken bodies in the dust. Broken bodies, broken souls who without the chance to hear and respond to the gospel will never know that there is a way out of a lifestyle, and its accompanying behaviors, that falls far short of the joy their Creator intended and leads to despair, disease, and early death.3 † Yet despite these dangers, it is a behavior that is being promoted as nothing more than an alternative lifestyle, and any dissent is ridiculed, vilified, and censored.

Craig Osten and Alan Sears, The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today (Nashville, TN: B&H, 2003).

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