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Palmdale Church is meeting for popup churches in different public regions. Check our district page for extra nuances. 

“‘The time is advancing toward when we won’t cherish the father on a mountain, in the asylum, or an assortment building). The chance has shown up for ensured admirers to venerate the father in soul and truth.’ I perceive that time is in the long run. Love has to do with our obligation to Jesus, not the spot we complete, whether or not in Jerusalem, Samaria, Palmdale, or any spot” (serve Anthony). 


Palmdale church is a multigenerational, multiethnic Christian social class focused on after Jesus and offering Jesus’s affection to our associations in Palmdale and the impala valley. 

Go to and from close by us in encountering what supreme commitment to Jesus and the space of God is doing around there. 

Palmdale Church gathers for popup neighborhood gatherings in various public districts on certain Sundays and in-home social events on different Sundays. Thoughtfully organize a visit to get data on our next social affair. 

Appreciate, learn, and be illuminated by the instructing of God’s statement through Palmdale church. Get related and be the hands and feet of Jesus in Palmdale and the av. I appreciate you for supporting Palmdale church! You can give the help web utilizing this catch. On the off chance that it’s not all that amount of trouble, see our contact page the space on the off chance that you ought to send a check. Did you comprehend you can keep up Palmdale church by purchasing exactly the same things you as of now purchase persistently? 

Did you comprehend you can keep up Palmdale church by purchasing exactly the same things you as of now purchase persistently? To follow Jesus over the long haul intends to respect all that Jesus loves. What does Jesus prize? The better solicitation is, who does Jesus esteem? Jesus esteems the world he made. That doesn’t induce that Jesus requests everything’s choice or activity of each individual. In any case, it suggests that there is an overall love that Jesus has for the whole of humankind. 

Tolerating we are to love all that Jesus loves. We are to cherish individuals. It’s that basic. In the game, ‘follow the pioneer,’ kids pick a pioneer and copy every one of the pioneers. As we follow Jesus, we tranquility and persistently love individuals who Jesus loves. 

That proposes there are no maverick, one-off Christians. It surmises that we should be connected with the social event and to God’s family to encounter the love for Jesus through his family. It suggests that we should be related to the gathering, so we comprehend who is called by Jesus and what our character is then called to love. Moreover, it deduces that we love our by and large natural factors, a great deal of which derives we love them by interfacing them to the local devotees. 

Thusly, utilize the past relationship with stay related with Palmdale church individuals so you likewise will be a piece of the local Jesus family here around there and to be a specialist of his adoration. 

Palmdale Church is a DBA of Sonrise Southern Baptist Church. We are a multigenerational, multiethnic Christian area following Jesus and offering Jesus’s love to our associations in Palmdale and the impala valley. By utilizing this site, you consent to Palmdale’s safe-havens utilization of treats. Places of supplication use treat to give a phenomenal encounter and to help our site run enough. 

Nearby data and guide of Palmdale places of the petition: 

New life Baptist church: 450 w Palmdale Blvd., (661) 902-6749. Palmdale social class church, the non-denominational church: 1051 e Palmdale Blvd. (661) 947-0183. Win effort Palmdale Christian church, Christian church: 37419 25th St. W, (661) 274-4909. 

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Asylums in Palmdale, California, a from chapel locater are spots of affection in Palmdale ca, Iglesias witnesses y benefits “Cristo la Roca,” mission evangelistic Cristo the llama global, and Christian spots of adoration in Palmdale. 

Palmdale church is a popup church in Palmdale, California. Palmdale church is a multigenerational, multiethnic Christian social class dedicated to following Jesus and giving Jesus’s love to our associations in Palmdale and the impala valley. Come! Oblige us to encounter what supreme commitment to Jesus and the space of God is doing around here. 

You can discover Palmdale social class church on YouTube (prudent way of thinking 101). Great and remarkable exercises will furnish you with information and frameworks to defend your sureness from the searcher. 


spots of adoration I, Palmdale, California. The incredible countries, our foursquare church, have been serving and esteeming the gazelle valley for more than 31 years, and we recognize everybody is crucial for God. 

Crosswind social class church is arriving at the world with supposition. 

Palmdale joined Methodist church: you are required here! – you are required here at Palmdale to join Methodist church, whomever you are! In the gathered Methodist church, we practice. 

The avocation sureness social class church is to hail and notice God. Palmdale, ca. 

Palmdale spots of affection and religion discover neighborhood information, business record, white pages, financial matters, and district interface Palmdale. 

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