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Youth Spiritual Gifts Test

The following youth spiritual gifts test is designed to help the teens of today to identify areas that they may be gifted in service. This youth spiritual gifts test does not provide a definitive list of the spiritual gifts you have. In fact, no spiritual gifts test is able to do that.

What it does do is provide a list of assumed spiritual gifts that a youth may have and then provides a resource for validating the assumptions made by the youth spiritual gifts test. So, the test provides some results that may be true and then the youth can use the additional resources provided at the end of the test to find out if it is in fact true.

If you continue the Bible study on spiritual gifts past this point, you will learn that spiritual gifts are not always easy to identify. A spiritual gift can be defined as an ability or talent which is divinely ordained. A teacher is a good example. A high school teacher may have developed the ability to teach well over some period of time, but teaching is not necessarily their spiritual gift. Every guitar player is not gifted with creative ability. A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability which God has given you specifically for use in His kingdom.

Before we go any further learning about spiritual gifts, let’s take the youth spiritual gifts test below. This test is taken online. Were you looking for the Printable Youth Spiritual Gifts Test?

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