Obadiah Lessons

Who is Obadiah you ask? A prophet! These three lessons are great for when you get to sub Sunday School for a few weeks or you have a few weeks to fill before starting a new series. The theme of Obadiah is pride. These lessons challenge teens to humble themselves less they become humiliated by God as Edom and Israel were.

Lesson 1: Obadiah 1-9—The Pride of Edom

MINOR PROPHESY What makes Obadiah minor prophesy? Length (Shortest book in OT) Narrow Audience (This is not true of Obadiah, but some minor prophesy was only intended for a portion of Israel, not the whole nation.) Little knowledge about it. WHO IS OBADIAH The OT mentions at least 12 people named Obadiah. None of them […]

Lesson 2: Obadiah 15-21—All Things for Good

15″For the day of the LORD draws near on all the nations ‘The day of the LORD’ is the critical statement for this passage. What do you think is meant by this? We tend to associate this statement with Christ’s return. But, it really has to do with judgment. When we say that the day […]

Lesson 3: Obadiah 10-14—Standing Aloof

10 Because of the violence done to your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever. I want to remind you that there is both a national and a personal application to most prophesy. As we look at this passage regarding the sins of Edom, we are going to look at […]