Jonah Lessons

The book of Jonah is a phenomenal resource for teaching the youth of the church about God’s plan and about choosing to follow. These youth Bible study lessons are designed to show teens how God is working in their lives and encourage them to follow in every area of their lives.

Lesson 1: Jonah 1.1-4—Freedom of the Will

THE WILL Men have freedom to make choices. There are some who believe that many of our choices, including salvation, were predestined; that even though it appears that we are making choices, we are merely acting in accordance with the way that God predestined us to act. I’m confident in saying that this isn’t the […]

Lesson 2: Jonah 1.5-16—God Desires All Mankind

POLYTHEISM AND CULTURAL BACKGROUND (1.5,6) Jonah lived in a polytheistic culture. This means that they believed in many gods. But, they were not polytheistic in the same way that modern Hindus are, for instance. They do not worship many gods. Most of the cultures of this time would worship one god, but recognized many gods […]

Lesson 3: Jonah 1.16-2.10—Discipline and Deliverance

Today we are going to study Jonah’s prayer, but first I want show you exactly where we are at in the story. Verse 1.16 says that Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights. But, moving into chapter two, we see that Jonah’s prayer actually takes place from within […]

Lesson 4: Jonah 3.1-10—Serving in Weakness

As we go through Jonah, chapter three, there are a handful of important factors which all lead up to one major theological point and one major implication. This chapter of Jonah continues in the theme of the sovereignty of God to do His perfect will, but it also shows us that salvation was no different […]

Lesson 5: Jonah 4.1-11—Submit to God’s Plan: The Conclusion of Jonah

WHY DID JONAH BECOME ANGRY? (v. 1-3) Jonah knew that when a message of destruction is preached that Israel would repent. (This is different than a simple message to repent, Jonah was told to proclaim destruction, not repentance.) He knew then that Nineveh would repent if he were to preach there. Israel was suppose to […]