Is a person more than a physical body? Yes, very much so. The majority of who a person ‘is,’ is contained within the mind. The most important part of the body, however, is the spirit as the spirit is what connects a person to God. It is ultimately through the power of God’s Spirit, as it is connected to a person, that one is able to overcome the sinful desires of this world, whether that is sin in the flesh or mind.

The most exciting part of the soul is that the entire soul—mind, flesh and spirit—will be resurrected and made new when Christ returns for His church. All of who follow Christ—all who have made effort to deny themselves and be obedient to Christ—will go together into heaven, just with the limitations of the flesh removed. In the same way, however, those who refuse to follow Christ, will also be resurrected and made new so that they can survive an eternity of torment and separation from God.

, © Anthony Delgado, eInquisitive, October 10, 2010