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Proverbs – The Deceiver, The Proud Man and The Elderly


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The book of proverbs addresses many different characters. Three of those are The Deceiver, The Proud Man and The Elderly. All three of the characters appear periodically throughout the book.

The deceiver is first found in chapter one. In these accounts the deceiver is out to lure someone into a trap where they will (Proverbs 1.11) ambush him or (Proverbs 1.14) sweet talk him out of his money. Chapter 2, verse 22 gives the punishment for the deceiver, that he will be uprooted from the land, cast away because he is an abomination to the Lord (Proverbs 3.29,32). The wisdom comes in chapter 4 where the deceiver is told to cease deceit and devious speech (Proverbs 4.24).

The proud man comes up periodically. We can see him in chapter 16 where we are warned that pride is the precursor to destruction (Proverbs 16.18). The wisdom then is to sacrifice wealth and comfort for humility (Proverbs 16.19). Chapter 18 puts this clearly when it says that the man whose heart will be destroyed is first prideful. This wisdom is contrasted by the idea that an honorable heart comes from humility (Proverbs 18.12).

The elderly play a very big role in many societies as the wise men and are therefore recognized for their wisdom in the book of Proverbs. Chapter 16 suggests that righteousness can produce longevity and therefore the elderly are glorified because of their righteousness (Proverbs 16.31). Chapter 17 puts it similarly when it recognizes the father or grandfathers role in the lives of their grandchildren (Proverbs 17.6). Chapter 20 also recognizes the glory of being elderly when it contrasts it with youth. The wisdom here is that the elderly have wisdom, where the young have strength (Proverbs 20.29).

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