Printable Bible Lessons for Teens/Youth

Learn to make great Youth Bible Lessons with Hermeneutics are Like Belly Buttons!

Hello, my name is Anthony Delgado. I am the owner and author of eInquisitive. The following are some of the studies I have taught in the past. My hope for you, as a youth worker, is that you will study through these lessons yourself before you print them out to teach them.

All of the studies are printable. I have tested the printing in all major browsers. Some of the studies have printable worksheets, which can be helpful for you as well.

If you ever have any questions regarding my youth Bible studies or anything else, please feel free to contact me.



Exegetical lessons go systematically through a book of the Bible. Sometimes this can be a difficult task for a youth study. I try to approach larger pieces of scripture at a time to teach a broader application. I find Bible study lessons of this sort to have a greater impact on today's teens.


These topical lessons are all in a series.They are topical because they are not a passage by passage study through a book of the Bible. The topical studies are intended to cover a biblical theme like the Walk With Christ study or take an in depth look at a single topic, such as the Worldliness study. The series' are all rather short as youth tend to lose interest in a study after a certain amount of weeks. I hope your teens will be blessed by these studies!