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Playing God: Human Cloning

Playing God Human CloningIt is definitely not possible to “play God.” Anything we do is because God allows us to do so. To suggest that man could overstep God’s design would be to challenge His sovereignty. He has complete power and control over creation, so anything we are able to do, is because God allows it. We have complete liberty, given by God, to do all things.

Simply because we have liberty in an area, does not mean that God wants us to do it. It does not determine whether it is moral or immoral either. Take human cloning, for example. Is it possible based on the liberty God has given us? Certainly, but most lawmakers agree that it is immoral and therefore do not allow it. It is the role of the government to legislate on moral matters, so they should definitely be involved. It is not necessarily an international matter, however, unless diversity in the laws between countries causes some sort of political discord.

The Bible warns of men who use the “grace of our God” as “a license for immorality” (Jude 1.4). We cannot do something immoral simply because God has allowed us to do it. That would be saying that there is no such thing as sin. Specifically, for Human cloning, we must consider if it would in any way break the commands of God or go against the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. Through this process, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Christian can form convictions in order to determine the morality of human cloning.

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