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Jesus Christ—Fully Man and Fully God

Perhaps one of the most complicated Christian doctrines to wrap your mind around is the doctrine of Christ’s humanity and divinity. Simply put, can Christ be be both fully man and fully God at the same time? Many Christian cults challenge either Jesus’ divinity or His humanity, simply because it is illogical to them, but the Bible says that He is both. There are three major aspects of this discussion: Jesus Christ’s humanity, His divinity and the balance between the two.

100 percentJesus Christ is fully man. He was born of the virgin Mary (Matt 1.16). He hungered (Matt 4.2).  He felt emotion (Matt 26.38). He got angry (John 2.15). He died (Luke 23.46). He exhibited all the characteristics of man, but there is a far greater reason to understand that Jesus was fully man. If He was not really man, but simply God in ‘disguise’ He would not have been capable of death, and therefore not able to provide atonement for sins.

Most will not attempt to refute that Jesus was fully man, but plenty will try to say that He is not fully God. It is common for people to believe that Jesus was a prophet or that He was simply a man, who was given the power to live a perfect life. Still others believe that He was just a good man and that He wasn’t actually perfect. But, Jesus said that God gave Him all things, and not only that, but it is only the Father who knows Him and only through Jesus that anyone can know the Father (Matt 11.27). The word used for ‘know’ in the Greek often means to understand and to perceive. It is far more than knowledge, it is complete understanding of God that Jesus has. If he were not God Himself, He could not know God, nor could He know His plan, for it is “The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God” (1 Cor 2.10), not any imperfect man.

There is a daunting question here. How is Jesus fully man and fully God at the same time? And that answer will come in eternity. There are numerous theories on the matter, but it is unimportant. The important thing to understand is that Jesus is God and that he humbled himself to become flesh and blood, fully man, so that He could die on the cross, as a perfect sacrifice, providing atonement for all mankind, whom would choose Him. Jesus made himself to be who he claimed to be, so that through faith, we might be saved.

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