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Watch Online Now – NO GREATER LOVE

For a limited time, you can watch NO GREATER LOVE online through Proverbs Cinema. If you are a pastor or leader in your church and you are interested in screening NO GREATER LOVE in your church, Proverbs Cinema is offering a totally free online screening. This way you can watch the whole movie and see how it can be used for ministry in your church and community.

To request a password for the online screening room to watch NO GREATER LOVE online right now, just fill out the contact form for ProverbsCinema.com.

NO GREATER LOVE, the Christian Film Event of the Year, is being released nationally by Lionsgate and Thomas Nelson.

Focus on the Family’s Plugged In describes NO GREATER LOVE as, “Inspiring and Encouraging” and Dennis Rainey of Family Life Today says NGL is, “A compelling story that powerfully reminds us that love is always the right choice.” Moody Radio simply calls NGL, “Amazing… a great film!”

This film “Doesn’t pull any punches!” (Christiancinema.com) as it cleverly and emotionally unpacks a story of marriage, faithfulness and forgiveness.


Release Date: Jan 17, 2010
Genre: Romance/Drama
MPAA Rating: PG

No Greater Love is a family friendly film.

For more information visit Proverbs Cinema or the No Greater Love official website.

Don’t forget to request your password so you can watch NO GREATER LOVE online now!


The General Manager’s of WSTK-ITV are proud to present to the You Tube audience, Face Book and the Twitter Community 10 minute film promo/trailer presented directed and produced by Lionsgate and Thomas Nelson the first Christian Movie Event of the year and one that marks a new decade “NO GREATER LOVE. This movie will be available on DVD January 19, 2010. For more information please visit Face Book:

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